The 2009 Colour Blocking Trend

April 22, 2009

color-block-trend-londonAccording to Vogue and their little trends guide (with Topshop) as well as numerous catwalk shows, colour-blocking is a big trend this season. For Spring 2009 they favour blushing pink beiges, neutrals, creamy whites, and tones of slate blue. Such softer dusty tones are easy tints to mix and match with existing black, navy or other neutrals, the result is a new more ladylike wardrobe.

Colour blocking with strong brights of hot pink orange, tangerine and lime are popular. There are also other brights such as Yves klein blue, Santorini blue, yellow lemon, lime, aqua jade tones, bright perinkle and magenta. This garment can be worn alone or block together with enthusiasm of the designers.

Depending on your natural colouring, you’ll get away with different colors to a different degree of success. There are a few little tricks that will make wearing clashing bright colours available for all.31gtbhnsbl_aa280_Those women with light and soft looks will be overpowered by wearing bright colors but best in muted. But can actually use a shoes, polo ralph lauren and designer handbags in Turquoise or Blush Pink to add an element of the bright trend. It is better to keep away bright items from your face if wearing bright color is not enough for you. Try coloured ralph lauren jeans or skirt then match it with a top softer and two tones lighter in the same colour.

Fashion trends come and go every year but this doesn’t mean that you have to take it to the extreme exactly to waht you see on runways, magazines and in the shop displays. Mix and match both soft and bold colours in the latest silhouttes to add zest to your existing wardword, keeps you up to date without having to spend a fortune or change your look completely.