Celebrity Jewelry- A Craze

November 2, 2011

Celebrity jewelries are those which are inspired by the styles of different celebrities. Sometimes the celebrities design these jewelries themselves and sometimes they simply wear the latest fashions and make them hot cakes for the ladies.

There are many examples where it can be seen that jewelry has become iconic for its celebrity value. Such as, Tiffany’s necklace: apparently simple looking necklace which made a cut through impression after the film was released. It is still in demand.

As for now days celebrity shop jewelry “snake jewelry” of Angelina Jolie and Rihanna has taken a hold. These two ravishing ladies are known for their sheer sense of fashion. They have popularized the snake rings and snake bracelets in a huge way.

Simple hoop earrings and silver cuff bracelets are some of the hottest celebrity jewelries of this year. Beyonce Knowles, January Jones, Celena Gomez, all sported these shop accessories in some glamorous events of this year. Hollywood starlet Reese Witherspoon and Rosie Huntington have opted out for 18k chunky gold cuffs and gold vermeil vintage filigree for an event.

Carrie’s simple looking script name necklace, sported in one of the films of Twilight saga, has become a success mostly among young girls.

In the domain of engagements and weddings celebrity jewelry has made a “never-gonna-fed” kind of impression. Lady Diana’s sapphire engagement ring wowed the entire nation instantly. Kim Kardashian’s emerald cut engagement ring is the latest fashion piece. Besides, the leading female protagonist of the Twilight saga, Bella made another instant hit in celebrity jewelry world by wearing pave engagement ring and matching earrings.

Not only the women but this year is witnessing a comeback of celebrity men’s jewelry. Celebrities like David Beckham, Adam Lambert and Justin Bieber wear celebrity style male earring or male necklace on stage or on field and made this comeback happen.



Diamond Jewelry Stand Forever

April 1, 2009



Diamond are a rare precious gem that has been famous and tested through time. Why this gem is superior from the other jewelry? Because Diamond has been compared with romance, This diamond jewelry represents a long and lasting love.

Diamond jewelries are most famous jewelry trends for a long time and we have heard a lot about the timeless allure of diamond. Diamond jewelry is one of the most expensive and considered as the most luxurious of all jewelries. The unique ability of this gem to refract white light (“Diamond”) makes diamond jewelries as the most sought after jewelry prices in the market. Diamond jewelries are traditionally associated with engagements, as men carefully pick the right engagement ring for the woman they love. You may be consider as a very happy woman if your engagement ring is diamond because not everybody can afford diamond jewelry. With a diamond engagement or wedding ring your prince shows all his love for you.



Diamond jewelry are available in many shapes, designs and colours. Sometimes diamonds were coluorless but with many diamonds lovers nowadays, Diamond are available in deep blue, rich reds, yellows, greens and many more so your choice of varierty is huge. Diamond jewelry is always in fashion, and there’s no time that will change that fact. That kind of jewelry is absolutely fabulous in anytime, anywhere in any shape, design and color. Diamond rings are considered as a great gift and it really matter your  status and style.



Diamonds bracelets, earrings, necklace are elegant, too. It fits perfectly to the look whether you are a man or a woman. Diamond will be very precious and a lifetime investment and also it will be your lifetime memory. Having it on your neck especially if you are wearing a ralphlauren whether it is a T-Shirt or a polo from vêtements de marque you’ll look amazing, very stylish and elegant.

So if you are a diamond lover embrace the diamond trend and provide yourself a diamond jewelry in which you like the most. It will animate your soul and your excitement letting you feel very special. No doubt that diamond jewelry is great choice for everybody and how we couldn’t?

Fashion Jewelry Accessories

February 25, 2009

fashion-jewelryvictorian-designer-setFashion is ongoing and every new trends everyone wants to follow. Being fashionable today is more accustomed because of media coverage and it can lift people’s interest. Fashion is not complete without the finishing touch the right jewellery. Be it a simple formal dress, a wedding dress or a casual wear. It is important that your jewelry matched with your dress to get the totality of your look. Thus, the jewellery needs to correspond with the trend of fashion.

Typically, jewelry are designed according to the new trend. They always match it with the trends clothing to blend them perfectly. Because we all know that trends do keep changing but some are followed for years together. E.g. wearing diamonds or gold during engagements and men wearing gold chains are evergreen jewellery fashions. Seasonal jewellery is also in vogue and certain types of stones and colours are used seasonally. With simple designer wears it is coupled with chunky and heavy designed jewellery. Custom-made jewellery is in fashion and people are emphasizing on personalized look. Of course, you cannot wear the same earring every day with the same clothes like Polo Ralph lauren. The trick is your jewellery needs to compliment your overall look and not steal the show. And remember gaudy is not always classy. One of the most important fashion accessory affecting your look is your jewellery.
If you are looking for something that is unique that you want to wear to a party or a social gathering, then you should take a look at modern jewellery. You can look your stylish best and definitely stand out from the crowd. If you are going out on a date and you want to appear unique without having to say much, then you should use your jewellery to good effect sporting with your nice outfit from Ralph Lauren. Unique designs of jewellery that is modern will definitely speak a lot more about your personality than what you can convey while talking.

Jewellery’s popularity has endured through the ages because of this flexibility. It allows a woman to clearly express herself through both her choice of charms, where she chooses to wear them and how she chooses to wear them.