Jewel-Encrusted Clothing

February 11, 2009

One of the hottest spring fashion trends right now is jeweled accessories. Precious stones and jewels are no longer for evening wear or denim material. Stones can be found on everything, from tops and t-shirts from Ralph Lauren to shoes and to swim wear. This look can also be achieved by wearing a number of accessories, like necklaces that appear to be part of the item of clothing.
You will barely need any jewelry or accessories if you opt for a dress or a shirt encrusted with Jewel because your eyes will only focused on the heavy jewel beading on the neckline, at the hip or at any part of the body where they put the beads or the Jewel.

You can actually mix and match. The best way to incorporate the jewel encrusted trend is by wearing a great pair of sparkle enhanced shoes. You can pair it by wearing Jeans and a Polo Ralph Lauren to look more more glamorous. A bead and jewel encrusted watch to finish the look.dscn1899_0161_161