Celebrity Jewelry- A Craze

November 2, 2011

Celebrity jewelries are those which are inspired by the styles of different celebrities. Sometimes the celebrities design these jewelries themselves and sometimes they simply wear the latest fashions and make them hot cakes for the ladies.

There are many examples where it can be seen that jewelry has become iconic for its celebrity value. Such as, Tiffany’s necklace: apparently simple looking necklace which made a cut through impression after the film was released. It is still in demand.

As for now days celebrity shop jewelry “snake jewelry” of Angelina Jolie and Rihanna has taken a hold. These two ravishing ladies are known for their sheer sense of fashion. They have popularized the snake rings and snake bracelets in a huge way.

Simple hoop earrings and silver cuff bracelets are some of the hottest celebrity jewelries of this year. Beyonce Knowles, January Jones, Celena Gomez, all sported these shop accessories in some glamorous events of this year. Hollywood starlet Reese Witherspoon and Rosie Huntington have opted out for 18k chunky gold cuffs and gold vermeil vintage filigree for an event.

Carrie’s simple looking script name necklace, sported in one of the films of Twilight saga, has become a success mostly among young girls.

In the domain of engagements and weddings celebrity jewelry has made a “never-gonna-fed” kind of impression. Lady Diana’s sapphire engagement ring wowed the entire nation instantly. Kim Kardashian’s emerald cut engagement ring is the latest fashion piece. Besides, the leading female protagonist of the Twilight saga, Bella made another instant hit in celebrity jewelry world by wearing pave engagement ring and matching earrings.

Not only the women but this year is witnessing a comeback of celebrity men’s jewelry. Celebrities like David Beckham, Adam Lambert and Justin Bieber wear celebrity style male earring or male necklace on stage or on field and made this comeback happen.



Gucci Spring Handbags 2010 Collections

January 25, 2010

This 2010 spring season Gucci proves themselves again with their fabulous handbags collections. The collection is truly alluring and another best collection of Frida Giannini.

Image Source: guccispace.com

The Prom Hairstyle for 2010

September 11, 2009

A beautiful Prom Hairstyle is one of the most important details for the prom night. Undoubtedly, every teenager dreams of an unforgettable hairstyle and it’s a difficult choice to make. Prom hairstyles trends keep changing as other fashion statements every year. You will find here interesting suggestions for your Prom night for 2010.prom-hairstyle-2010Beautiful long blond Hairstyle for the Prom.prom-hairstyle-2010 = 01Cute loose hair Prom hairstyle.
prom-hairstyle-2010 = 02Elegant Prom up-do.
prom-hairstyle-2010 = 03Sophisticated Prom Hairstyle with hair accessories.prom-hairstyle-2010 = 04You will be noticed wearing this amazing Prom Hairstyle.prom-hairstyle=2010 = 05Prom Hairstyle with accessories.

Source: http://fashionmagazine-best.com/

Designer Suzi Roher creates fashion belt for Swarovksi

August 29, 2009

Suzi_Roher_swarovskiToronto-based fashion belt designer Suzi Roher was asked by Swarovski to design a custom one-of-a-kind belt to be showcased at Swarovski’s New York showroom and at various events throughout the United States. The showroom is located at the famous 30 Rockerfeller Center in the heart of New York City.

“Swarovski is a world leader in man-made crystal,” stated Suzi Roher. “They are recognized for their strict demand for quality and design. Being a part of this and their brand, reflects strongly on us. We jumped at the opportunity to participate.”

Suzi Roher creates her eclectic, custom, handmade belts in the belief that women appreciate an element of fantasy. Buyers are consistently impressed by the incredible range of colors and fabrications, which enables Suzi to tailor a collection to a store’s specific needs. Some styles in her collection include belts with elastic under the hardware creating versatility and adjustability, without sacrificing comfort for style.

Roher elaborates on the belt (style No.3636), “It’s a piece of jewelry that is all rhinestone with the appearance of a crown or butterfly. A dressy belt, that is self-adjusting for the waist or the hip, and makes any outfit spectacular. A definite show-stopper.”

The Suzi Roher collections have always incorporated some Swarovski crystals and the upcoming Holiday 2010 collection is no exception. Some other Suzi Roher belts (style 5119 and 5096 among others) that incorporate Swarovski crystals are for sale through suziroher.com.


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Jewelry: The Best Gifts for Mom’s This Mother’s Day!!!

May 6, 2009

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Jewelry: The Best Gifts for Mom's This Mother's Day!!!

Jewelry: The Best Gifts for Mom's This Mother's Day!!!

Every year Mother’s days is celebrated world wide to honor all mothers or motherhood and to show our respect, love and gratefulness to them. This is the best time to acknowledge our mothers and appreciate thier love, care, understanding they bestowed on us. Giving them a present is a wonderful way to reciprocate and show them our love and our gratitude.

All our Moms are always young at heart and their natural love for fun and sense of fashion has never been fade with years. But oftentimes we are having difficulty on what kind of gift will give to our dearest mother. Gifts are a great means to express our love and emotions for someone who means so much to us e.g. our moms.

The most endearing and popular mothers’ day gifts are cards, chocolates and flowers. However, each of us want to make this day a memorable for our mothers. Instead of just presenting her favorite flowers, tie a lovely hand-written poem or a hand-made greeting card with the bouquet to add a special personal touch to the beautiful gift. The most perfect is if you can create your own poem or write a message for her in your own words rather than copying some common message from the internet.

But many moms are fond of different fashionable and latest accessories especially jewelries. You can just get her some stylish ones from her favorite shop like Ralph Lauren to enhance her already modish looks. Get your mother a jewelry set if it’s affordable and you can also choose her birthstone. On the other hand, make sure you can afford it before entering a jewelry shop. Jewelry is always a wonderful gift which every mother can appreciate for years because this will certainly make your mom feel happy and proud of you everytime she wears it.

Jewelry is one of the most liked and weakness accessories of every women and your mom is no exception. Every woman loves jewelry, but all have different tastes and preferences. When selecting jewelry for your mother, consider her style, personality and her lifestyle. Find your mom a jewelry that speaks your heart and don’t forget to wrap it with your love because your mom deserves a break from the usual gifts she gets year in and out. This time give her something unique. Mother’s Day gifts should get out of the ordinary, and let it happen now.

Diamond Jewelry Stand Forever

April 1, 2009



Diamond are a rare precious gem that has been famous and tested through time. Why this gem is superior from the other jewelry? Because Diamond has been compared with romance, This diamond jewelry represents a long and lasting love.

Diamond jewelries are most famous jewelry trends for a long time and we have heard a lot about the timeless allure of diamond. Diamond jewelry is one of the most expensive and considered as the most luxurious of all jewelries. The unique ability of this gem to refract white light (“Diamond”) makes diamond jewelries as the most sought after jewelry prices in the market. Diamond jewelries are traditionally associated with engagements, as men carefully pick the right engagement ring for the woman they love. You may be consider as a very happy woman if your engagement ring is diamond because not everybody can afford diamond jewelry. With a diamond engagement or wedding ring your prince shows all his love for you.



Diamond jewelry are available in many shapes, designs and colours. Sometimes diamonds were coluorless but with many diamonds lovers nowadays, Diamond are available in deep blue, rich reds, yellows, greens and many more so your choice of varierty is huge. Diamond jewelry is always in fashion, and there’s no time that will change that fact. That kind of jewelry is absolutely fabulous in anytime, anywhere in any shape, design and color. Diamond rings are considered as a great gift and it really matter your  status and style.



Diamonds bracelets, earrings, necklace are elegant, too. It fits perfectly to the look whether you are a man or a woman. Diamond will be very precious and a lifetime investment and also it will be your lifetime memory. Having it on your neck especially if you are wearing a ralphlauren whether it is a T-Shirt or a polo from vêtements de marque you’ll look amazing, very stylish and elegant.

So if you are a diamond lover embrace the diamond trend and provide yourself a diamond jewelry in which you like the most. It will animate your soul and your excitement letting you feel very special. No doubt that diamond jewelry is great choice for everybody and how we couldn’t?

How to Select a Bikini?

March 11, 2009

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Miss EnglandMost of us have been cooped up indoors throughout the entire winter season and just can’t wait to sustain and take a refreshing dive in the pool or in beaches. With the summer season approaching, it’s definitely time to buy a new one piece swimsuits. Even if it is snowing in your area, it is warm somewhere on earth and you can bet that some are in a frenzy about getting their bodies in shape for the new bikinis of the season; perhaps even one with a classic thong design. Not only does the body need to be in shape but you also need to know what will or will not look good on you. Here are a few tips to follow.bikinis

When shopping for a bikini, Always take the time to obtain your current, correct measurements! Doing so will ensure that you will receive the proper size swimsuit – please keep in mind that due to hygenic reasons, there can be NO exchanges on one piece swimsuits if it doesn’t fit. Swimwear sizing is NOT standardized between brands and manufacturers, so the same size medium from another company may be completely different from a medium from us!
Keep in mind that swimwear is supposed to fit tightly when it’s dry – most all swimwear increases up to a half-size when wet. Ever see someone with ‘droopy drawers’ at the beach? Likely the result of purchasing a swimsuit that was a size too big. Getting your accurate size information will prevent this from happening to you! This may sound like a rather obvious statement, but many people don’t really see that. A woman may be a size 6 but there is still the possibility of those dreadful love handles.USA/

One major point of contention is how the top of the bikini fits, as there are many different shapes and styles. If you want to enhance the bust, then try on bikinis that have a bandeau top as they do enhance a smaller bust; possibly choose one with a bright pattern. Bold textures and prints give the illusion of a larger bust.

Remember, if you are wearing bikini swimwear that you feel good about and are comfortable in, then you may feel a little better about it when you are throwing your near naked body out there for the world to see. It also helps if you take a good friend with you when trying on bathing suits as they are more likely to be honest in their opinion.

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