About Me!

I am a girl with a deep brown hair, and a brown eyes. As I grew up I was the laughing-stock of my cousins and playmates by teasing me “Negra” because I am not blessed with fair skin. Those memories just makes me “Smile” everytime I remember it, although I still have a dark skin but I love “Myself” Nakkkssss!!! I grew up in Castilla, Sorsogon, loved my elementary and high school but enjoyed most my college days. Aside from my work I have other or rather many interest. I love adventure, learning new languages and it’s culture, animals, natures, being out in the woods, long walks on the beach, in the rural areas, and i’m at home in the city as well. I’m a music enthusiast (any genre depend on my mood), a foodie, a portrait fanatic, and a movie buff. 🙂 I can know a little bit about everything but I cannot master of anything. Personality wise, I think I am 30-50% good natured, 40 % charming, 15% sarcastic, 10% evil, 40% funny, 25% naughty, hmmm what else? 😉 If you have a banner or Link Ads, an Articles, feel free to Email Me

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