How to Wear a Bra on Off Shoulder Dresses

March 25, 2009


The off shoulder trend is one the biggest trend this Spring. The first Lady Michelle Obama has created quite a buzz about a top spring trend when she wore the One shoulder dress on the inaugural ceremony.

Last year the one shoulder dress never made it to the street fashion. This year many celebrities wear the trend on the 81st academy awards. It is good that the designer made the styles wearable for everyday array.

Now in wearing an Off shoulder dress you need to find the right bra, but with so many different bras out there, you’ll get confused easily .

When selecting a strapless bra– you can keep the convertible bras, as they only convert to confusion and strange bulges– be sure it has enough grip around the lower band to stay in place and not transform itself into a belt the next time you race to catch a taxi. You also need to be sure that the bra fits well and does not cause discomfort. Or if you insist on wearing a bra that has straps with your off-the-shoulder attire, there’s a solution for that as well, although your look won’t seem as put-together as some of your strapless sisters.

Before you spend your money on a strapless bra, make sure you try the bra on, bounce a little,do a little dance in the fitting room and see if it stays in place and doesn’t drop down creating the double-decker boob look. See if it doesn’t create any weird outlines under your top. Keep moving around a bit to be sure. You will probably need to try on a few as everyone is built differently. If possible, take your dress with you so you can try it on over the bra to see how they work together. Stretch your arms out as if reaching for something on a dinner table. Your bra should be flexible and move with you, not stay where it was in space while your torso moves up and over. If you have V-like torso narrowing to a small waist, longline bras have a better chance to stay in place.

A less exciting way to wear a bra with your off-the-shoulder dress is to buy one with clear straps, or just buy clear straps to put on a bra you have at home. This one only works well if your off shoulder dress isn’t too far from the shoulder. If it scoops up to barely skim the top edges of your shoulders, you may be able to sneak in those clear straps. Use your judgment and good taste on that one. Don’t forget that you can always try one of the glue-on bra tapes, like the Pick-Me-Up, if you are game enough, but not the most practical for everyday wear.

Finding the right strapless bra may be tricky, but finding the right one is magic under a stunning and flirty strapless dress

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Spring Fashion: How to Wear an Off Shoulder Dresses

March 18, 2009

11863303_cherry_pie_redThe 2009 Spring were full of off-shoulder tops and dresses. Off-shoulder dresses are a big hit not only with Hollywood celebrities but among today’s common youth too. The off-shoulder dresses has caught an attention on red carpet events as well as in parties. Sensuous, sexy and feminine, the off-shoulder dresses are vogue in this season.off_shoulder

How to wear the Off Shoulder dress?

Single-block colors have a greater slimming effect, or alternatively, embrace this season’s color-block trend with vibrant Max Azria and Derek Lam from their 2009 Spring collection to tone color blocks of orange and pink. The great thing about the one shoulder style is that it is completely open to all body shapes. Look for bright colors and flirty details, while keeping it simple all at the same time. This trend will work best with a solid color. If you are hesitant to try this trend, go for a simple sheath in black first. This is perfect paired under a shrunken tuxedo jacket for work; nix the jacket for happy hour for a great desk-to-dinner look. Off-shoulder dresses are not meant for regular wear. They can’t be worn all day long. They look good in cocktail parties or at discothèques. But what’s really needed is good frame to wear of shoulder dresses. Big arms and unshapely shoulders can spoil the look of the dress. The dress needs to fall gracefully on the body enhance it and hide the flaws.
one-shoulder-topThese sexy one-shoulder tops are great on jeans from Raplhlauren or skirts or even shorts. Match it up with the perfect pair of shoes and you can use them for daytime or a night out with friends.

How to Select a Bikini?

March 11, 2009

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Miss EnglandMost of us have been cooped up indoors throughout the entire winter season and just can’t wait to sustain and take a refreshing dive in the pool or in beaches. With the summer season approaching, it’s definitely time to buy a new one piece swimsuits. Even if it is snowing in your area, it is warm somewhere on earth and you can bet that some are in a frenzy about getting their bodies in shape for the new bikinis of the season; perhaps even one with a classic thong design. Not only does the body need to be in shape but you also need to know what will or will not look good on you. Here are a few tips to follow.bikinis

When shopping for a bikini, Always take the time to obtain your current, correct measurements! Doing so will ensure that you will receive the proper size swimsuit – please keep in mind that due to hygenic reasons, there can be NO exchanges on one piece swimsuits if it doesn’t fit. Swimwear sizing is NOT standardized between brands and manufacturers, so the same size medium from another company may be completely different from a medium from us!
Keep in mind that swimwear is supposed to fit tightly when it’s dry – most all swimwear increases up to a half-size when wet. Ever see someone with ‘droopy drawers’ at the beach? Likely the result of purchasing a swimsuit that was a size too big. Getting your accurate size information will prevent this from happening to you! This may sound like a rather obvious statement, but many people don’t really see that. A woman may be a size 6 but there is still the possibility of those dreadful love handles.USA/

One major point of contention is how the top of the bikini fits, as there are many different shapes and styles. If you want to enhance the bust, then try on bikinis that have a bandeau top as they do enhance a smaller bust; possibly choose one with a bright pattern. Bold textures and prints give the illusion of a larger bust.

Remember, if you are wearing bikini swimwear that you feel good about and are comfortable in, then you may feel a little better about it when you are throwing your near naked body out there for the world to see. It also helps if you take a good friend with you when trying on bathing suits as they are more likely to be honest in their opinion.

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Headband Trend is Back!

March 4, 2009

It’s not a new statement, kids have been wearing this style for years. personally, I think it can look cute on the right person. Style is about you, not what other people think is “in”.

Make way for the headband! Spring’s hottest hair accessory is replacing autumn’s brooch. You may be thinking, “Headbands? As in the look we all made fun of Hillary Clinton for?” Well, the headband is making a fashion comeback in a big way, in all colors, prints, shapes and sizes. So pick up the pace on the way to your nearest retailer and get your hands on some.

Headbands aren’t just for little girls anymore. What used to be considered a basic (and sort of boring) hair accessory has been reinvented in a few ways.

Now headbands can be found made with real feathers, Scarves, or tiaras. Over all headbands are a type of a girly accessory, but I think if they’re worn the right way, they can look good with every outfit.
Try mixing and matching different-sized fabrics for a totally unique look.
A tiny bow or feathers give a headband a feminine final touch. It adds just enough color and excitement to any outfit and is a great way to keep hair off the neck or face in the warm spring and summer months. The floral-print trend from Polo ralph lauren is taking the fashion world by storm for spring 2009, and sporting a floral-print scarf or headband is just another creative way to incorporate the look into your wardrobe.
Add a little glamour to your hairstyle for a look that gets attention. These headbands are perfect for dressing up that little black dress from Ralph Lauren. A little dressed up, these headbands are great for the office and cute enough to wear out for a drink or two after work hours.