Polish city of Warsaw emerges as a fast growing lingerie hotspot

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lingerie_uk_polandLondon, Milan and Paris are considered lingerie Capitals, but another, less likely, European city is giving them all a run for their money, as the Polish city of Warsaw emerges as a fast growing underwear hotspot, with increasingly sexy designs, and a credit-crunch friendly price tag.

Online lingerie retailer, Wickedelic Lingerie is one of the few UK places selling the latest Polish designs, and has seen a massive 500% increase in demand for the Eastern European lingerie over the past year, doubling the number of lines it stocks to try to meet demand.

Wickedelic Lingerie spokesperson, Nik Grant said: “The Polish lingerie we stock combines the coolness of London, the glamour of Milan, and the sexiness of Paris, and its value for money means customers are finding a recession busting way of keeping the spark alive in their relationships.”

Nik continued: “In Poland it gets pretty cold, which provides a perfect excuse for couples to spend long nights in by the fire, so it’s no surprise that their designers are producing gorgeous lingerie to keep the sparks burning bright.”

Wickedelic Lingerie

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2 Responses to Polish city of Warsaw emerges as a fast growing lingerie hotspot

  1. Lucien Cabag says:

    Awesome Blog, Mate! Between my better half and I we are constantly on the prowl for new and erotic intiimate apparel which led me here. I certainly plan on visiting again! Adios

    • aimhigh12 says:

      you are certainly welcome to visit my blog again. by the way i visited your site and if in any case if you want you can be a guest blogger to my blog and in exchange you can put your link on my blog.

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