Newspaper Clothes?

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newspaper dressA dress made of newspaper? Sound’s like stupid but it’s true. Take a look with this hot and beautiful girl dressed with a newspaper. And now, tell me the verdict. Do you still need money to have a beautiful dress and look fashionably and chic. hahaha, how I wish it won’t fall apart because I would love to try it. What do you think guys?newspaper dress


7 Responses to Newspaper Clothes?

  1. Amy says:

    I think the concept of using newspaper is brilliant.
    The dress itself addresses the awareness of recycling and it’s a total fashion statement. Are you selling any of the dresses above?
    If so, may I buy it? It would be really great if you did.

    Please and Thank You =].

  2. Brianna says:

    Wondering if there are any instructions on how to make the bottom middle one????

  3. kimmy says:

    i think you had a clear mind creating the desgins,i like the bottom three..they are amaizing and worth recognition…big ups… and dont stop thea..

  4. selling clothes online…

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  5. james says:


    […]Newspaper Clothes? « Aimhigh12′s Blog[…]…

  6. ruffle cardigan…

    […]Newspaper Clothes? « Aimhigh12′s Blog[…]…

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